Started the programme with adult literacy in 15 villages in the year 1996. Providing tuition centers in the villages to improve the education standards in the villages. Established formal school for the low income level families in order to provide quality education to make the children able to compete with other children who were studied in corporate schools.

Established the childrens home for Girls (Stefan Children’s Home) with the support of CTW, Germany to take care of the holistic development of the child. Providing residential care, education, health etc until the child sustained herself.  Extending support as for the requirement of the child interested area of study.

Support: CTW (Childcare Through Works), Literacy Trust, CRY, Navajeevan
Bala Bhavan

SNEHA Organization has been active on the ground early, to help deal with the Coronavirus pandemic situation. We have established a Non-Medical helplines in different areas.

SNEHA is always in need of volunteers for various tasks. There are different roles you can take while volunteering for SNEHA. Change someone's life today. Become a Volunteer