We will always be responsive to the pressing needs of the time. From a community needs point of view, it is through interaction and engagement with the communities we serve that we will be nimble to meet those needs…for it is in giving that we receive. I believe in our commitment to serve with mercy and tenderness, and the difference it makes in the lives of our patients and their families.

India’s health care sector provides a wide range of quality of care, from globally acclaimed hospitals to facilities that deliver care of unacceptably low quality. Efforts to improve the quality of care are particularly challenged by the lack of reliable data on quality and by technical difficulties in measuring quality. Ongoing efforts in the public and private sectors aim to improve the quality of data, develop better measures and understanding of the quality of care, and develop innovative solutions to long-standing challenges. We summarize priorities and the challenges faced by efforts to improve the quality of care. The rapidly changing profile of diseases in India and rising chronic disease burden make it urgent for state and central governments to collaborate with researchers and agencies that implement programs to improve health care to further the quality agenda


‘Although a couple of organizations came to distribute relief material, we were not able to access it as we were left behind due to old age.

SNEHA identified us and came to our doorstep to distribute medical kits. We felt that there is more than enough for us to survive in this difficult situation and were extremely happy that someone thought about us.’


– MALLESH YADAV and his wife, Project Participants, Cuddapa District, Andhra Pradesh